Beautiful cathedral glass storage, decor - new product

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Ever since I mastered this profession, it has been my dream to create decors, but not just 1-1 pieces, but to continuously create new works in this field.

I have been working on these new pieces for months and I have to say that the end result is beautiful ❤️ Each one is special, made with heart and soul!

You can't buy these decorations in any store, they are truly unique pieces❤️

I dreamed about this storage months ago. It's a really special piece because I made it from 6 types of cathedral glass ✨

Practical for storing jewelry and accessories, but it can also be perfect in a studio, for placing business cards and other cards.

Exactly what kind of use can I imagine?

- storage of accessories

- storage of keys and small items on a small shelf next to the front door

- placement of yarns, threads and smaller materials

- great for pens, ribbons, small pliers

- neatly organized storage of business cards and greeting and thank-you cards

- also a perfect choice as a decor element for photography, with its wonderful unique texture❤️

Looks beautiful anywhere ✨🌿

Its height is ~4cm

Width ~ 20cm

Its depth is ~ 14cm

Not suitable for natural food storage, only for packaged food.