Iridescent round necklace

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In stock

A necklace made of iridescent glass with an amazing texture ❤️ as soon as the light hits it, this pendant shines in the colors of the rainbow ✨

Pendant suspended in one place Diameter ~1cm

Pendant suspended in 2 places Diameter ~1.7cm

Chain length 45cm

My products are made by HAND, so each one has its own characteristics. Therefore, if you ask for 2 identical products, it is possible that they will not be exactly the same because I do not put them together by machine. But that's why they're unique! :)

The jewelry is mostly made of glass scraps in the name of sustainability, with a silver-plated frame and a stainless steel chain.

It is worth protecting it from moisture and, if possible, storing it in an airtight box.

The price includes a pendant with a chain