Obsidian Goldie necklace - gilberries

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Do you know what Dragonstone is?

In today's world, this protective Mineral is OBSIDIAN. But what do we know about it?

🖤volcanic glass - this nature is amazing!

🖤 ​​although it most often occurs in a dark, almost black color, the material can also be transparent.

🖤 ​​It breaks like a shell, so very sharp surfaces can be formed on it, which is why it also became indispensable for ancient people (if it was found in the area)

🖤Zemplén obsidian was of such high quality and importance that the early people living here traded with it - this is proven by several tools made from Zemplén obsidian found in Greece

🖤 ​​the multitude of volcanoes operating in Zemplén (which is a volcanic mountain range) pulled up different materials with them and poured it into the area of ​​Hegyalja, to the great joy of mineral collectors, vintners and nature lovers.

Such obsidian jewelry can only bring good to its wearer!❤️

Covered in gold, they are even more wonderful✨

Chain length 45-50cm

We send a free Gilberries and Wine 2021 sweet, late-harvest Eden wine for every piece of jewelry🍷