About me and the brand

  • About me


    I have loved creating all my life. I have been interested in crafts and art since I was a child. When I was little, I woke up and went to bed with a paper and pencil combo, I could express myself more easily through my drawings even then. As an introvert, it's not easy to connect or share my thoughts and feelings with others. However, this can be achieved more easily through art and creation.

    I found glass while still in vocational school and learned the trade for 5 years. Although we learned a lot of techniques, Tiffany enchanted me the most. Glass is a fascinating material that can be molded and shaped in many ways, and countless ideas can be realized with this method. It was love at first sight!

    All my work is inspired by nature! I really like animals and this is reflected in several of my collections.

    TinYTrIP, a "little journey" into my world :)
    It was originally atinytrip, but over time that letter was removed from the beginning. The original name was an anagram of my partner and my nickname. My partner often helps with the background work, in the future we want to implement many more things with the brand.
    The highlighted capital letters are my nickname, Pitty :)
    He started calling me that 14 years ago at the beginning of our relationship.

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