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Mother's milk 🤍 What our body is capable of is a miracle! He shelters a tiny fairy for 9 months and gives him everything he needs.

Then after we give birth to the tiny little life, we can feed it with breast milk for months and years💛

Which doesn't just mean filling her little tummy.

A wonderful bond develops between mother and child, an intimate moment of love. At least it is for me❤️

I love to breastfeed, I'm there for him as he looks at me, fiddles with my mouth, plays with my hair, caresses my face, checks how big my nose is compared to his or just tickles with his other hand, maybe my favorite is when he hums and licks while saying rhymes 🥺🤍

I know that this period will last for quite a few months, but I don't want to let it go, to forget this wonderful feeling.

This breast milk necklace is made to preserve those magical moments❤️

You must have noticed that you don't see the typical snow-white mother's milk pendant in the picture.

My pendants are made in an oven, I burn the mother's milk between 2 bottles, which undergoes a chemical reaction with the high heat and glass, so it takes on a special body in the molten glass!

It's a bit like the universe to me, both have a special power.✨

Of course, if someone feeds the baby with formula, it can also be a wonderful feeling and bond 🤍 There is no difference ❤️

The pendant in the picture is my jewelry🥺

Of course, I can make it in any shape, not just as a necklace!

Search with confidence 🙏❤️

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If you want a necklace, ring or bracelet, buy this product and I will contact you to discuss the details and how to deliver the breast milk to me 💛

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