DOTS - White dot oval pendant

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I wanted to create a collection that I could wear as a symbol of my daughter. In addition, the most important part was recycling, but I'll get to that later.

This aspect was very important to me, but it was also very important that those who do not have children find themselves in them.

So these jewels became more like talismans from my point of view.

Each one has a small unique detail that makes the given pendant special. This little detail means something different to everyone. It brings out different emotions in everyone.

It can also represent an important moment that is very defining in our lives.

It can be an event, a special moment or a person to whom you have strong feelings.

During my work in the studio, a lot of small glass scraps are created, most of which I keep so that I can create something beautiful out of them one day. This collection was made from these scraps by sintering.

Each piece is made with a silver-plated and stainless steel chain. Eternal pieces❤️

The height of the medal is 2 cm

Chain length 47 cm