Monogram pendants

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In stock

Over the years, I have collected a lot of glass scraps in the workshop and received a lot from here and there✨

The monogrammed pendants were made using these small bottles!

I have countless colored bottles, so any color combination can be requested 💛

I made the pieces in the picture for myself with my daughter's monogram. I really like the color white, so I chose this as the base for 2 pieces, and transparent glass for one. Both sides of the pendant are made of fused glass, so its shine is much more beautiful and silky.

It's actually like having 2 necklaces at the same time. You decide, as you pick it up, which side should be dominant.

How does ordering work?

Buy the product here in the shop and I'll write to you to discuss the colors and the monogram ❤️ And then I'll make the pendant for you within a few days ✨

The shape can be round or square, you choose this too😍

For me, this monogram symbolizes my daughter, but it can be an important person for you (you don't have to be a mother) or an event that you are connected to🙏