Brilliant colorful small WEARhistory necklace

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Beautiful "candy" necklaces made of colored glass😍 The natural, green, amber colored ones are made from hundreds of years old glass scraps that survived 1 war❤️

And the red and blue are salvaged glass that I managed to get in the summer from the glass workshop of an old lady who didn't understand how to use it anymore. For me, however, it is in a very good place and wonderful things will be made of it🙏❤️

Medá's height is ~ 1.5cm

My products are made by HAND, so each one has its own characteristics. Therefore, if you order 2 identical products, it is possible that they will not be exactly the same because I do not put them together by machine. But that's why they're unique! :)

The jewelry is mostly made from glass scraps in the name of sustainability.

It is worth protecting it from moisture and, if possible, storing it in an airtight box

The price includes a pendant.