-WEARhistory green mini glass necklace

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This collection draws attention to recycling in an unusual way.
This necklace is made from more than 100-year-old glass fragments left over from the Neo-Renaissance era.
There is a building in Török Street behind Gül Baba. Today, only one apartment building remains, which was renovated in the early 1900s. The other one was completely destroyed when a cannon rolled into it and exploded during the wars of the 20th century.
Each piece of jewelry has a special story, which makes them even more special and valuable.
No two pieces are the same!

The small necklace in the picture is made of translucent green glass, and even after 100 years it shines wonderfully!
I make all products by hand, with careful attention, with heart and soul, so each one is unique and may differ minimally from what you see in the photo.

Chain length ~45-50cm / adjustable

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The price includes a pendant.