WildFlower FAUN necklace

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There is more magic on the planet called Earth than we can even imagine. The WildFlower collection dreamed up by Sisi was inspired by the elements of nature. I had the honor of designing jewelry for Sisi's new clothing collection. I created the necklace by enclosing a small handmade miracle, i.e. a small slice of nature, in glass.

This necklace is made in the Tiffany technique and is as timeless as the cathedral windows. I included real flowers in the glass pendant, made with a silver-plated frame and a stainless steel chain. So we can have a small piece of nature with us every day in the form of a pendant.

The jewelry is mostly made from glass scraps in the name of sustainability.

It is worth protecting it from moisture and, if possible, storing it in an airtight box.